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We at CompuStation are the trusted name when it comes to the design and manufacture of high quality and top performance computer enclosures that will protect your system from industrial hazards such as water and dust, the two most common factors that can damage your system and result in loss of data and interruption in the production process or worse, even work stoppage, resulting to unnecessary costs or lost revenues for your business. Our industrial computer enclosures are guaranteed to protect your computer from the harshest industrial conditions. We protect your system for the long haul and help you improve process efficiency and get the most out of your computer investments. Industrial Computer Enclosures

Computer Enclosures: An essential investment for your business

A variety of polluting elements exist in the industrial environment. These elements constantly threaten your computers and can cut short the system life, resulting in you paying for more on repair or worse, even replacement. Utilizing our enclosures is a small price to pay to guarantee that you get the most out of your computers for the longest time with the least amount work stoppages.

Our enclosures help provide a smooth production process

Now our industrial pc enclosures don’t just prolong the life of your systems, these high quality, robust, and durable enclosures make sure that your computers are protected enough to run in tip top shape all the time which results in less to no work stoppage due to interruptions in production flow in the manufacturing unit.

We offer a variety of designs

Here at CompuStation we provide you with different designs that you can choose from to take care of your industrial computer enclosure needs. Large computer systems or desktop size systems is not a problem for us. We always have the right products to meet your needs. Our products are also available in panel mounted or wall mounted designs, which can be adjusted to the systems position on the production floor.

Need a unique enclosure for your business? We offer customized offerings at low cost

Now you may be thinking, “But I want a specific enclosure for my particular business that’s just not offered as a standard design in the market.” We at CompuStation perfectly understand your needs when it comes to the unique requirements of your business. We recognize that most systems are often entirely different from others. We can assure you that working hand in hand with our expert professionals, we can help you customize your own enclosures with your own specifications, providing high quality, robust design and aesthetically appealing customized industrial computer enclosures at a cost, which you will find quite competitive in the market.